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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Trade in Your Flip-Flops!

I can hardly believe that we are more then half way through summer, where did the time go? I took one trip to the boardwalk on a nice sunny Sunday and two trips to my cousins pool and that's it! The only factor that doesn't make me feel so bad about the whole situation is that it has been an extremely hot summer to be outdoors. I'm usually avoiding it all and staying cool under my air conditioner. Summer started with a bang and it looks like its going to end with one too, being that August is fore casted to be even more hot and humid then July.....OH BOY! 

So since the heat doesn't plan on going anywhere, lets make sure we are staying cool & comfortable without compromising our personal style and still having fun with fashion. There are so many cute summer shoes out there, there is no reason to buy flip-flops in every color to match every summer outfit you own. (NO-NO)! So many colors, prints, and styles....there is a way to complete your BBQ or outdoor concert outfit for-sure!


What is your summer-shoe of choice; A Wedge, Strappy Heal, Flat Sandal, Boat Shoe or Loafer/Flats?

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