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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Emerging Tattoo Artist: 8lu3

Today, we're switching it up a bit, all fashion aside! 

Today I'm featuring an artist I've known for many years now, and who has recently found a new medium to express himself, TATTOO'S! I grew up knowing him as Mario, but today he goes by 8lu3. Now I can say, "I knew him back when.....". 8lu3 has done some amazing work and is only growing as a Tattoo artist as time goes on.

To celebrate a fellow artist, I have posted some of his work and a short interview at the end to help you get to know him just a little more!

"I have a chance to make art my life and I'm not going to let it go" 8lu3

I love this one in particular!
8lu3 @ work!


Me: How did you first get into art?
8lu3:As a kid, I was always doodling on everything & everywhere I got older I started drawing pictures with details.. and painting. I've  always had a passion for art.
Me:What got you into tattoo's?
8lu3: My desire of living on my art drove me to do tattoo's.
Me: How long have you been doing it for?
8lu3: I have been doing tattoos for 2 years.
Me: Do you remember your first tattoo?
8lu3: My first tattoo was "mom" on the right side of my chest. I can't remember who did it but it was done on south street in PA..I remember only because I was charged way too much.
Me: How many do you have?
8lu3: I really don't keep count ....I have them on both of my arms, my neck, chest...& even my upper back.
Me: Were you nervous the first time you did a tattoo?
8lu3: I was nervous, but not as nervous as the first time I had to do a tattoo in front of my boss/mentor.
Me: What inspires you?
8lu3: My inspiration is to always push myself to do better and try harder. Always have a positive out look on everything I do.
Me: If you weren't doing tattoo's, what would you be doing?
8lu3: If I weren't doing tattoos ...I'm not sure where I would be. I'd probably be working at my old job, Best Buy, and trying to sell my paintings.. while trying to pursue my career in the art industry.
Me: Lastly, is there something or someone who motivates you everyday?
8lu3: The person who motivates me is my mentor. His name is Zay ..he showed me everything I know. And is still teaching me new things.

Personally, I'm really proud of 8lu3 for chasing his dreams...something I suggest everyone does. If you have to wake up everyday and go to work to make a living, might as well do what you love!

Get in contact with 8lu3: 
Camden House of Ink, Camden NJ (856-756-0400)
Cell: (215) 500-4741

Friday, October 14, 2011

25 Memorable Hairstyles

I've looked through MANY photos of hairstyles through out the years, and picked the 25 looks that stood out the most or simply brought back memories of shows or movies I saw growing up! A few hairstyles that have influenced us more recently have also been thrown in the mix. Styles change through out the years, and usually trends, some how, make it back around. There are some beautiful and memorable looks in this gallery, and maybe some have even influenced YOU in some way!

P.S. a photo of the person who inspired my current hairstyle at the end!

Lucy Ricardo on I Love Lucy
Peg Bundy on Married with Children
Jill Munroe on Charlies Angels
Pam Grier 1972
Kim Kardashian 2011
Farrah Fawcett, 1976
Michelle Obama 2009
Jackie Kennedy, 1960
Diana Ross, 1995
Bianca Jagger, 1977
Lauren Bacall, 1945
Halle Berry
Louise Brooks, 1929
Janet Jackson, 1993
Sarah Jessica Parker, 2001
Lisa Bonet, 1988
Angelina Jolie, 2009
Audrey  Hepburn 1961
Sophia Loren 1966
Elizabeth Taylor 1963
Marilyn Monroe
Tootie on The Facts of Life
Alicia Keys
Victoria Beckham, 2007

Do you remember seeing any of these styles growing up or better yet maybe rock'n a similar look?
Let me know in a comment below!

Here's a pic of the person who inspired me to cut my hair and a pic of one of my first cuts. (I have gotten it cut even shorter since then) I love my hair. I feel like its fits my style so much more then the every day pony tail I use to rock...Don't see myself having the long hair for a long time.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Trench Coat ~ 10 Ways to Rock it!

Trends come and go, but there are pieces of clothing that are classic and here to stay. The Trench Coat is like "The Little Black Dress" for outer wear, in my opinion. With different versions of it, you don't have to settle for the typical "Inspector Gadget" trench that many people think of. Ruffles make a trench more feminine, Bold Colors and nontraditional Fabrics make it spontaneous & Studs can take a trench from Classy to Rocker chic!

Tryna find a great outerwear piece for mild autumn days? If you've never tried on a trench coat, do so! Easy to dress up or down and perfect for those days that are not cold enough for a winter coat but still require some type of a cover up! They are even great to go from winter to spring. Take a look at 10 different styles and how to rock them!


1. In Leather
2. In a Bold Color
3. With feminine details like ruffles
4. In Two-tone
5. With Back Details
6. In Tie-Dye
7. In a print
8. Studded for an edgy look
9. A shorter style for petite frames

10.In a flirty full skirt silhouette

Do you find that a Trench Coat fits your style?....If so, do you like a classic style or a more modern trend? Let me know in a comment below!