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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Atlantic City Fashion Week Re-run!

Hello My Lovelies!

 Finally, all the photos are edited from this past seasons Fashion Week activities. Oh, but it's so worth the wait! I have a ton of photos and new designers to share with you guys. I truly enjoyed myself this past season. I feel that the more I attend these shows and events, the easier and more natural everything runs. I  just started going with the flow and enjoying every part of it for what it is; whether its good, bad or plain ugly lol. Having a busy schedule and running around from city to city can start to feel overwhelming and takes the fun out of Fashion Week. So to my fellow bloggers, breath and let go. Everything starts to fall into place, just stay passionate. 

This weeks Fashion Week coverage comes from Atlantic City, New Jersey. This was the first show we attended and the kick off to meeting many new designers. One thing I must point out is how young many of these aspiring designers are. Very Inspirational! And, sometimes being labeled as the "lost generation", it's very empowering to see that not all is lost. That there are a lot of talented individuals who are dedicated to their craft and passion and are on there way of being tomorrow's entrepreneurs. Once again, Congratulations to all the designers that showed their collections. 

14 Designers rocked the runway in Atlantic City at The Pier at Caesars on February 8th. The photos are linked to the designers page, so click away if you are interested in contacting the designer or buying. More Photos from each designer are posted on our official Facebook Page


1st Designer: Tommy Bahama 
Intellect Designs 
dp bikini 
Dhengi Brand Clothing 
Duke & Winston 
Jamie Estelle (Jewelry)
Jazmin Brown
B. Turner Designs 
ACouture Clothier
Designberg Brose 
Brooks Brothers
Last Designer: Nina Street Design 

As you guys can see, it was a very packed show. One thing I appreciated about this past season's Atlantic City Fashion Show is how many designers showed man's clothing. It's no secret that fashion is a female dominated industry, and sometimes we forget that man care just as much as we do about looking sharp. I know my partner appreciated that as well. 

We'd like to Thank Atlantic City Fashion Week's Executive Producers Lamont & Jeana Bowling for allowing us to attend and cover the show. Congratulations to them on there second season, and we look forward to many more amazing shows! 

Don't forget to visit our Facebook Page for more photos from the show and individual designers!

Outfit of the Night: Kensie Faux Fur Vest, Classiques Entier Silk Pants, Layering Tee & Steve Madden Wedge Booties.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marc Jacobs designs something refreshing!

Welcome Back Lovelies!

So a few weeks back I saw the ads for the new Coca Cola and Marc Jacobs Collaboration. Of course I wanted to see these whimsical cans and bottles for myself, and who doesn't love Marc Jacobs?

Last month, Diet Coke announced that Marc Jacobs was their new Creative Director for 2013. The campaign helps celebrate the companies 30th Anniversary in the soft drink industry. So out of that partnership, comes these cute 80's, 90's & 00's inspired cans and bottles. 
The designs capture the classic Coca Cola essence with a twist, true Marc Jacobs style. If you guys remember, Coke did a collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier in 2012. With the world becoming more health conscious, I think these collabs are a great way for Coca Cola to stay fresh & relevant. The collections are now available in Europe and the Nordics.

 "Sparkling Together for 30 Years"

Soooo, am I the only one wondering, "How do I get my hands on these limited edition cans & bottles?
Do you like this collaboration? What do you think of the designs? Let me know in a comment below.....

P.S..... Hers's the teaser Video Coca-Cola released last month before the cans/bottles came out

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Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm a Shoe addict, and I Don't need help!

Welcome Back Fashionistas!

So this winter has been so unpredictable. One day it's clear that Spring is right around the corner and the next its cold, windy & snowing/raining all day (currently my situation). Non the less, stores are stocking up and introducing Spring Fashions and Shoes. And although I LOVE a good Snow day and appreciate Fall/Winter layering fashion...,,,, I am quite ready for bare legs and toe's-out type of outfits. 

The other day, as I was doing my usual scrolling down and double-clicking on Instagram, I ran into a pair of shoes a fellow fashion blogger re-posted. Yup, I fell in love and had to find out who these shoes were by. The blogger replied that they were from Zara. So there I went, I saw and when I get a few of these ..... I will have conquered, lol. 

Here are 10 of my favorite shoes on Zara's website, currently available to purchase. ENJOY!

These were the pair the fashion blogger was wearing and the pair I really want to add to my wardrobe!

Although I Love Shoes just as much as the next girl, I do periodically clean-up and donate shoes I no longer use. But for the most part, shoes are staples and can be carried over from season to season. 

Sometimes I wonder where the heck I'm going to store all my shoes since I really am running out of room im my closet. I'm always looking for great space-saving ideas ..... So if you have a great way of storing your shoes, please share it with me in a comment. Also, did you like any of these Zara shoes for your own collection? 

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Fall's 5 Leading Trends

 Happy First Day of March Fashionistas! 

With Fashion Week behind us and Spring right around the corner, lets take a look at some of Fall's 2013 leading trends (Although you might have bathing suits on your radar)!

There's always plenty of trends to pick out from when attending fashion shows or reading up on them in your favorite magazine. Here's some of my fav's reported through


#1: Coats in every COLOR but BLACK!
    Derek Lam 
Cedric Charlier

#2: Plaid For All
Prabal Gurung
MCQ Alexander McQueen

#3: Super-Size Me
Theyskens' Theory
Roksanda Ilincic
Louis Vuitton

#4: Oxfords (One of my favorite styles of footwear)
Bottega Veneta
Barbara Bui

#5: Long & Sleek
Christian Dior
Emilio Pucci

I know Summer is on your mind... but this is a sneak peak of what Fall is offering for 2013. Like leading Fashionistas, we should always be forecasting for the season ahead. So what are some of your favorite forecasted trends? Share it with me in a comment below. Till Next Time.....

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