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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

McQueen returns to Savile Row

McQueen made such an impact in the fashion world and his team and creative director, Sarah Burton, continue to work hard to make sure the House of McQueen continues to grow and rattle the fashion industry once in a while.

The first Alexander McQueen Men's Flagship Store is now open in London's Savile Row. This is an important landmark for McQueen, being that this is were he was once an apprentice when he was 16...the beginning of a beautiful fashion fantasy. The store is decorated with everything that represents McQueen; Skulls, Horns & Chains just to name a few things through out the stores decor. This dream store came to life with the help of his team and interior designer David Collins

McQueen's Creative Director, Sarah Burton, says, "This new menswear store is like a homecoming for Alexander McQueen, since Lee himself was an apprentice on Savile Row, and tailoring has always been the backbone of the label."

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Gentlemen & Fashionistas, will you be paying a trip to the new store next time your in London? I know I will personally be paying the store a visit when I take my first trip to the UK!

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P.S. My condolences go to everyone who has suffered major damages due to Hurricane Sandy. All of the East Coast, including myself, were on pins & needles yesterday awaiting her arrival. All the victims are in my prayers as we all recover.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Balenciaga This, Balenciaga That.

Are You a Sci-Fi Geek? At this point I think most of the fashion Industry and Fashion Lovers are! We expect Balenciaga to always bring us something new and unconventional in his runway shows. So he didn't disappoint in his Fall 2012 Collection. What dominated the show? Over sized leather pull-over sci-fi printed sweaters of course, DUH! Some are fascinated, some call them ugly...and I personally fall somewhere in between! 

Fun, Quirky, New on the scene....I'd say YES! but will it be the most flattering thing you throw on in the morning, NOT EXACTLY! With a very structured and bubble-like shape, not everyone will feel they can pull off the infamous pull over. But does fashion have to be so serious? I enjoy new silhouettes, new ways to wear a basic pull-over and everything in between. I respect the people that leave their house feeling totally confident in what they are wearing, while the rest of the world's called SELF EXPRESSION! I think Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director at Balenciaga, would agree.

Would I rock this? TOTALLY! It's definitely a conversation starter and the graphics are pretty cool coming from a person who knows nothing about sci-fi. I prefer the long sleeve versions that arn't as puffy. Can I afford this? That's a different question. These sweaters will run you a couple thousand dollars, if you can find one. For a while, these were rumored to be sold everyone paraded around in them recently during Fashion Week. Luckily for the rest of us, there are a few really good DIY replicas flooting around the internet. Like this one here -------> <------- but feel free to send me an original Balenciaga! 



*I do not own these photos, resourced from various fashion sources. 

How do you feel about these "Out Of this World" Sweaters?

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Your next pair of Shoes!

Hello Fashionistas! What did you guys think of the last post, "Scary Beautiful" or Not!"? Talk about wild huh? 

Talking about shoes, this post is a little different than the usual style tips or fashion news that I normally post. I wanted too make sure all my followers were aware of the "Shoe Sale" taking place on my ebay account! I wouldn't want you ladies to miss out now! 

Very limited quantity and sizes please don't hesitate to take a look and grab your next pair of shoes. Prices start at $ that's a SALE! Under every photo is the direct link to the shoe...and if you'd like to shop all the choices at once, just look up seller SAYIRA1987 under advanced search for the full shop. Remember, at this point, their are very few left so don't hesitate. All shoes are NEW without shoe box. Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns;

 Happy Shopping!

Search for eBay Seller: SAYIRA1987
Madden Girl Wedge
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Search for eBay Seller: SAYIRA1987
How fun are all these shoes with the playful mix of colors, prints and textures? Any of these would be ideal to add a pop of color and excitement to any outfit! More Pictures are available on the listings with full description, size runs, quantity and shipping information....So click on the links for more information! Let me know if any of these become "Your Next Pair of Shoes" in a comment below!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Scary Beautiful" or Not!

So earlier this week, these new "heels" were all over the Internet. I even had a few people message me, "Hey, have you seen these crazy shoes everyone is posting?" The answer was YES, I have...but for some reason, they didn't get the reaction from me that everyone else was given them. Primarily, because I knew these weren't going to be realistic to walk in and I wouldn't be seeing them on display for sale anytime soon. As an artist, and especially with fashion, I know that sometimes things are created as a statement, to create drama and attract attention & sometimes just to create a fascinating Runway Show. And that's exactly what the "Scary Beautiful" heels were created for.

Artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer Rene van den Berg collaborated on this shoe design. There goal was to create a statement more then a walkable shoe. Even though I wouldn't be surprised to see these used for editorial purposes or even worn by Lady Gaga in the near future.

These are said to possibly be the most dangerous pairs of shoes ever made. Designer, Rene van den Berg, says that the shoes were part of his graduation project. And that's exactly how I see them, a school or personal project, nothing else.

The shoe is called "Scary Beautiful". They are made of leather and the heel is located in the front. This means the foot of the person wearing it stands straight up, causes the knees to bend, and the shin rest on the front of the heel for balance. According to the designers, the shoe is suppose to be a commentary on today's impossible beauty standards. Personally, these aren't beautiful. And when I watched the video of the model walking in them, I just thought they looked ridiculous.

I'm a supporter of all types of art, whether it be practical or not, but I don't know if for me the "Scary Beautiful" shoe delivered the message the designers envisioned. Do I agree that sometimes the industries standards of beauty are unrealistic, Yes. With that, I encourage all women and men to wear what they want and what makes them feel comfortable, not something that they feel they have to wear to be "IN" for the season. Lady Gaga has supposedly been sent a pair, in the hopes of her wearing them at a big event or her next music video. (That part seems realistic to me).

 Here's the Video of the model demonstrating how to walk in them!

Although "Scary Beautiful" may seem like the most unpractical pair of heels we've seen thus far, other designers have pushed the boundaries when it comes to designing OUTRAGEOUS SHOES. Some more practical than others, but still OUTRAGEOUS....take a look!

Dsquared2 Skeleton Heels (Confession; These I LOVE!)
Jeffrey Campbell Shoes
Bart Hess Shoes
Gold Dot Shoes
Iris Schieferstein Shoes
Annejet Kosters Shoes
Alexander McQueen Shoes: One of my favorite Designers

What are your thoughts of the "Scary Beautiful" heels? Where do fun designs cross the line of impracticality?

P.S. This is our 100th Blog's been a wonderful Journey & we look forward to sharing lots more with you. So don't forget to join our fellow fashionistas and follow us; "Join The Site" & give us a "LIKE" on Facebook!

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Philadelphia Fashion Week: Part 2

Hello again my fellow Fashionistas! I know I don't normally blog two days in a row, but as promised; here is Part 2 of Philly Fashion Week! Saturday September 22nd was the "Couture Show". The word Couture originates from France, and stands for High Fashion. So at a Couture Show, you can expect to see extravagant gowns, very detailed pieces, and a lot of hand sewing and intricate detailing that you may not see as often in Ready-to-Wear Collections. Unlike Ready-to-wear collections, Couture Collections are usually made to order, not mass produced. 

So now that we know the difference between the two shows, LETS GET TO THE DESIGNERS! I was really impressed with Saturdays show and would like to congratulate all the designers from both nights for a job well done. Every body brought something different to the table which kept the shows interesting. Good Luck to you all on all your future projects! The designers are presented in the order they showed on the Runway!

Let the Show Begin!
(Click on the designers name to be directly linked to their site)

9/22 Couture Show

Cobos Couture
Irina Sigal
Lillie Designs
Todd Anthony
Christopher J Brown
Ninh Collection
Von Alexandria
Outfit of the Night: Express Blazer, F21 Lace Shorts & Trouve Booties 
My FABULOUS date for the night: H&M Blazer, F21 Dress & Aldo Tribal Wedges

And that wraps up Fashion Week for me! Already anticipating the next season in February, FW2013. Contacting new production teams to see what new fashion shows and cities next season will bring, so don't forget to "Join Our Site" and become one of our don't wanna miss a thing!

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What did you think of the shows and designers this season? Did you attend any SS2013 Fashion Shows?...Share it with us in a comment below. Missed "Part 1" of PFW? Here's the link: 

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Philadelphia Fashion Week: Part 1

My last stop for Fashion Week was right in my backyard, Philadelphia. This was my first time attending Philly Fashion Week, so I was excited to see & experience it all. Can't say I left fully satisfied compared to other fashion shows I've attended, but overall I enjoyed myself and do look forward to checking out up-coming seasons. Personally, I feel that the quality of the show could be picked up a notch overall and with time, Philadelphia could be a force to be reckoned with in the Fashion Industry. I know that a lot of work goes into putting together any type of show, no matter how big or small the production may be. So I applaud the people behind it all, especially the founders Kevin Parker and Kerry Scott, for all the work they do and for bringing this to a city like Philly. A city where many people seem to turn their heads when "Philly" & "Fashion" are used in the same sentence. I personally do think that with time, Philly will be considered a "Fashion Destination". I think there is a lot of talent and creativity here just waiting to be unveiled. 

Photos and Designers posted here are in order of how they were shown on the runway. Part 1 is based off of the Ready-to-Wear Show. Part 2 will be up tomorrow with photos from the Couture Show. I have posted additional photos from the show on Facebook. So make sure to check out our page for more photos and coverage! 

Let the Show Begin!
(Click on the Designers name to be directly linked to their site)

9/21 Ready-to-Wear

Dramatik Fanatik
Pretty Pretty Rebel
Mah-Jing Wong
Tyren Patrick
Trisha Will
Faithful by Michael Thomas
Custom Suits by Clarenz Couture
Outfit of the Night: Nordstrom bp Peplum top, Volcom Pants & Trouve Booties!

I hope you guys enjoyed this coverage! Don't forget to come back tomorrow for "Part 2: Couture" for more info, designers, pictures pictures and more pictures!

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