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Monday, December 31, 2012

Thanks Santa!

Hello my lovely Fashionistas! I hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays and that you are all ready to bring in the New Year with a BANG! It's been such a busy month for me, the proof is in the lack of posts uploaded this month. But my busy schedule is slowly getting back to normal, and I hope you guys are ready for all the exciting things I have planned for you all in 2013. Also, if you guys are not following me on Facebook, make it one of your New Years resolution to do so. When I get too busy to sit and write, take...edit.... & upload pictures, or even take time to research the latest trends; I always manage to do quick uploads and shares on my page. So Go Now..... 

So in this last blog post of 2012, I would first like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEARS! May this new year bring you all lots of Love, Peace, Health & Wealth! May you all find the courage you need to take that leap, the ambition you need to turn your dreams into reality & the passion you need to live the life your hearts desire! 

Here are some of the COOL ASS gifts my boyfriend surprised me with this past Xmas...oh he knows me so well!


Alexander McQueen, enough said!

This book is so awesome! It's an archive of all the Vogue covers from 1892-2010, what a collection! 
For all my Sushi lovers, the perfect kit to learn how to make your own Sushi.
Complete with a book, a dvd and your essential tools. 
I also received a "Zen Mind" calendar from him, that didn't photograph very well. Basically, every month has an awesome Zenga painting and a beautiful & inspirational message to help live a balanced, peaceful and happy lifestyle; which is something I strive for everyday. The quotes come from "Not Always So" by Shunryu Suzuki, one of the most influential Zen teachers of his time.

What awesome gifts did you receive this year? What are some of your New Years resolution or plans for 2013?

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Friday, December 14, 2012

You can call her...Mrs. Timberlake

How are all my Lovely Fashionistas doing? Hope everyone is enjoying all the festivities of the holiday season and not getting too worked up with the craziness of shopping madness. I know first hand how easy the real meaning of Christmas and the holidays in general can be forgotten, working long retail hours and all! Hope you are all FABULOUSLY enjoying your friends, family, foods & decorations  and of course the best christmas movies you can find!

So have you seen Jessica Biel in the January 2013 Elle cover? If so, I hope you agree that the newlywed is looking hotter then ever! Is it the "Marriage Glow"? If you haven't...consider yourself lucky. (BTW, I love her signature Bangs)


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Photo Credit: Elle Magazine

Friday, December 7, 2012

Out of this World!

By now, I'm sure you Fashionistas have seen this "Galaxy Print" on something or someone in some shape or form. Well let me tell you, this trend is like a snowball tumbling down a loooong mountain. With time, its only getting stronger, bigger and roaming through our streets faster and faster. Okay, maybe its not roaming fast..... but its one of those trends that have been around for a little while now, and instead of dying out, the fashion gods are just allowing it to take a life of its own. (I'm obviously in a very sarcastic mood today!) 

Do you mind it? I personally thinks its super fun and have not grown tired of it yet! Although I don't personally own anything with this galaxy print, I am inspired to do a DIY sweat-shirt or t-shirt! There are plenty of crafters, bloggers and fashionistas who show how they have created this trend at home, just look it up! So here's a photo gallery of everything from a phone case to leggings; From Designer to Street Style! 


Are you into the galaxy print trend? If so, do you own anything?...What is it? We love to hear how our readers get inspired! Always feel free to share OOTD photos or what inspires you on our Facebook wall at Endless Inspiration, don't forget to "LIKE" our page while your there! 

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