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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Narciso Rodriquez under your Christmas Tree

Another designer collaboration has come our way! This fall, Narcisco Rodriquez and Kohl's has partnered up to bring us a new branch from the Designer World! Some people don't like when high end designers parter up with contemporary retail stores because they feel it makes them less desirable as a high-end designer, or that it's a sign that their fashion house is going down hill. I personally get really excited when I hear about new partnerships. I don't think it takes away from the designer because for the most part, they still cater to another market with their designer line. They gain new customers...which then helps the economy and customers who normally couldn't afford a designer piece, now can. Sounds like a win for everybody!

The collection hit stores earlier this month, just in time for the Holidays. The collection includes very sharp, crisp & sophisticated lines, bold colors & timeless versatile pieces that look like they would be a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Of course, we all know that with partnerships like this one...the quality isn't as high as their designer line, but for the most part it's very reasonable when comparing it to the price point. I have yet to see the collection in person, but am excited to check it out soon. I'll be back with a review on quality, fit and overall appeal!

Designer Narciso Rodriquez 

Have you check out this designer collaboration yet? If not, will you be or is it not really your style?

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's gonna be an "Electric Holiday"

Barneys New York and Disney have collaborated to bring us "Electric Holiday". This past Wednesday, Barneys unveiled their holiday windows along with a short animated clip featuring Mickey, Minnie & Various Fashion moguls dressed in the hottest designer threads at a Fashion Show in Paris. The celebration took place between the blocks of 60th and 61st on Madison Ave, as everyone awaited with their light-up Mouseketeer ears. The corner could of easily been mistaken for that magical place in Orlando Florida. 

The illustrations are so darn cute as, as they turn our favorite Disney characters into Fashionistas and modern Fashion icons into animated characters. I absolutely am in love with this project. It was done in a way that doesn't take away the innocence and magic of the Disney characters, while at the same time....proving that the Fashion Industry can let loose and have fun too! I wasn't personally there that night, but hope I can make it before the Holiday season is over to check out the fabulous window displays and the fun Disney merchandise that is available at Barneys for myself.

In case you didn't know, this isn't the first collab between the Fashion Industry & Disney. Here's what Cinderella and Louboutin "Red Bottoms" have in common in
"Louboutin unleashes your inner Princess"


Minnie, Goofy & Daisy Duck 
Sarah Jessica Parker helped host the night along side Minnie Mouse
Mickey Rocks the Runway
The crowd in their light-up Mickey ears outside of Barneys

Donald Duck, Minnie & Sarah Jessica Parker 
Emmanuelle Alt, Franca Sozzani, Sarah Jessica Parker & Glenda Bailey 
Carine Roitfeld, Naomi Campbell & the Cheshire Cat 
Bryan boy, Suzy Menkes & Lady Gaga

"Electric Holiday"
Credit Sources: Barneys, WWD & Racked

What do you guys think of this Electric Project? Will you guys be heading to NY this season to check out the Window Displays for yourself?

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our First Lady: Four Years of Fashion!

Congratulations to President Barack Obama for winning his second term as President of the USA. It was great going into the polls yesterday and seeing so many young people exercising their right to vote! A right that many people fought for and died to get hundreds of years ago! 

 As the First Family of the White House, you are heavily in the public eye and people, especially women, around the world are not only watching to see what the First Lady has to say, but what she is wearing and how she carries herself! I think most people can agree, that Michelle Obama has carried herself very well. I personally think that she has shown us how a modern woman dresses and carries herself without looking like she is trying too hard or going overboard. 

Some people may disagree, maybe stating that a First Lady shouldn't always be showing her arms and so on, but I feel that she does a great job at making us feel that she's just like us, not superior to us; a human being. She wears prints & colors, she dresses up when needed and dresses down when running around with her daughters and she wears mixes everything from J.Crew to Designer labels.

So lets take a look back at the last four years of Michelle Obama's style as we anticipate four more years of fabulousness! 

What she wore for the Presidents re-election victory speech: Michael Kors Dress, Black cardigan, Alexis Bittar pin & Manolo Blahnik kitten heels.
The First Family. Congratulations on your victory!

What do you think of Michelle Obama's style? Do you think she dresses too modern? Do you think she does a great job in representing the title of "First Lady" when it comes to her style?

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