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Sunday, October 27, 2013

10 Seasons of Philly Fashion Week

Although Fashion Week has come and gone, we are still looking back at the runways for inspiration, trend alerts and breaking down exactly what went down. For me, Philly Fashion Week is a an event were I can see what local designers are up to and what inspires them. To be exposed to the art and talent in my own back yard. Philly Fashion Week was a 5 day event; Starting with the 'Kick Off Party' at the Sugar House Casino on 9/17 and ending with the most anticipated event of the week; The Couture Runway Show on 9/21. I personally only made it out to the last two days, the Ready to Wear Show and the Couture Show. The shows took place at the Crane Arts building and I must say, both nights were jam packed with attendees from all over. This season, PFW was celebrating its 10th season thanks to the Co-Founders Kevin Parker & Kerry Scott and the PFW team and supporters. PFW provides local and national designers and models a platform to showcase their talent. And as of now, it's the only event in the city celebrating Fashion Week season after season. 

Here are a few photos that capture the scene at PFW. All designers will be listed at the end.

Ashley: Pin Me Up Ashley 
OOTN: Comic Pencil Skirt by TopShop, Oversized Blouse by Tilden & Metal Toe heels from Jeffrey Campbell.

In my opinion, there is always room for improvement in certain areas but I must say, with three seasons of PFW under my belt; with time I do see growth in the production, the quality of work being shown on the runway and even in the models casted for the shows…. and thats what keeps me going back season after season. This year, I had my long-time friend and fellow Fashion Blogger Ashley from 'Pin Me Up Ashley' accompany me to both shows. The long wait to get in the show was a rough start, but we both ended up enjoying the show and our night over all. Hope you all enjoyed the photos and stay tuned for a Runway Recap from Season 3 of Atlantic City Fashion Week!

Endless Inspiration


           RTW Show 9/20/13                                                                  Couture Show 9/21/13

~ Addiction Boutique                                                                         ~ Teranchula
~ NYCC                                                                                              ~ Las Swimwear
~ Extraordinary Gentleman                                                              ~ Nina Street Designs
~ Nikki Angelique                                                                              ~ Felix Rodionov
~ Lady Embellishment                                                                       ~ Marise Angibeau
~ Gblah Girl                                                                                        ~ Dramatik Fanatik
~ Modisch                                                                                            ~ Dashar by Rashad
~ Ian Alexnader                                                                                  ~ Closet by Christobal
~ Tudecor                                                                                            ~ Andrew Nowell
~ Mckinzie Chic                                                                                  ~ Blanca Rachele
~ Trisha Will                                                                                       ~ Ke Collection
~ Chevalier Homme                                                                            ~ Bishme Cromartie
~ Black Teal Brick & Steel                                                                ~ Cory Couture
~ Michael Thomas