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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Narciso Rodriquez under your Christmas Tree

Another designer collaboration has come our way! This fall, Narcisco Rodriquez and Kohl's has partnered up to bring us a new branch from the Designer World! Some people don't like when high end designers parter up with contemporary retail stores because they feel it makes them less desirable as a high-end designer, or that it's a sign that their fashion house is going down hill. I personally get really excited when I hear about new partnerships. I don't think it takes away from the designer because for the most part, they still cater to another market with their designer line. They gain new customers...which then helps the economy and customers who normally couldn't afford a designer piece, now can. Sounds like a win for everybody!

The collection hit stores earlier this month, just in time for the Holidays. The collection includes very sharp, crisp & sophisticated lines, bold colors & timeless versatile pieces that look like they would be a staple in every woman's wardrobe. Of course, we all know that with partnerships like this one...the quality isn't as high as their designer line, but for the most part it's very reasonable when comparing it to the price point. I have yet to see the collection in person, but am excited to check it out soon. I'll be back with a review on quality, fit and overall appeal!

Designer Narciso Rodriquez 

Have you check out this designer collaboration yet? If not, will you be or is it not really your style?

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  1. Really loved the collection. I think it's awesome when designers to a high-street collection. They're not doing it enough if you ask me.:)
    Diana from


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