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Sunday, July 29, 2012

As Seen On TV!

Ever walked into a store with a shelf full of "As Seen On TV" products? Just what happened to me last week as I shopped with my mom for new curtains at our local Boscovs. As she paid, I roamed and there it was, "Nail Protection Clamps." We have all stayed up super late to the point where the only thing on T.V are infomercials, and you might think to yourself, "People are actually buying this?" That is exactly what I thought when I saw these!

These are suppose to get you out the door as soon as your done your manicure with out ruining your effort to beautiful nails. 

How They Sale It:
  • Put on your jacket or coat
  • Drive your car
  • Go into your purse or handbag
  • Buckle your seat belt
  • Don't have to wait for your nails to dry
  • Helps prevent smears, nicks and touch-ups

So what was my first thought, "WOW!" This to me has to be the silliest beauty gadget I've seen thus far. I can totally see the concept, but plastic clip covers? I don't know many women who would walk out the door with these on. My suggestion, grab yourself a good fast-drying top coat and proceed with caution!

Would you add this to your cosmetic drawer? What is one of the craziest  beauty gadgets you've seen? 



  1. Such interesting and useful concept for girls! Thanks for sharing. Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q
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