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Friday, August 31, 2012

Louboutin unleashes your inner Princess

One of the world's most favorite shoe designer helps unleash your inner Princess! Christian Louboutin designs his version of Cinderella's glass slipper, of course with his signature red bottom. How did this collaboration come about?  The two empires partnered up to celebrate the release of "Cinderella Diamond Edition" on Blu-ray, scheduled to hit stores in October.

Louboutin first introduced the shoe in Paris during Couture Fashion Week.

 Louboutin on designing the shoe, "You imagine it being completely transparent, made out of glass, but full and classical transparency made into a shoe makes a really ugly foot. And using a plastic, such as Lucite, could look very 60's or sort of punky."

Considering his factors, Louboutin used lace to create the illusion of a transparent shoe, paired with a Swarovski-crystal covered heel. These human Cinderella slippers will not be produced for mass sale. So how can you get them? 20 pairs will be given away worldwide this fall! YES, FREE LOUBOUTIN SLIPPERS. Unfortunately, Disney nor Louboutin have released directions on how the 20 lucky ladies can enter and win.....So stay tuned for further details!

.......Because Every Princess deserves a glass slipper, a red-bottom pair!

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