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Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out: Philly

Yesterday, September 6, was the 4th annual Fashion's Night Out (FNO)! This, now global, event was first launched in New York in 2009 by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. This night is more or less a huge fashion party which includes attendees from shoppers to designers to guest celebrities around the world. Hundreds of retailers now participatie worldwide on this one special night! This grand event was first introduced as a way to boost the economy. 

This year was Philadelphia's first Fashion's Night Out! With just a short drive across the Ben Franklin Bridge, we choose to partake in the excitement. I must say, when I first started researching what was taking place and planning out which stores we would hit up first, I was a little disappointed at the short list of retailers that were participating! C'mon Philly, whats going on? But either way, we weren't going to miss it! 

Our Night out Started at Macy's on Market St.
FNO T-shirts! Yup, we purchased one.......
Live Music
Black Water? huh?
Guest appearances by Chris Manzo & Greg Bennet from the Housewives of New Jersey
A little shopping aint never hurt nobody! hehe (BCBG Bracelets)

Live draping demo
Our next stop, Joan Shepp on Walnut St.
Designer Emanuela Duca from NYC with her Jewelry Line
EXTRAVAGANT head piece
Joan Shepp herself thanking everyone for coming out!
Look who came out! Spotted a pair of comic book lita's by Jeffrey Campbell
A Fashionable group of people came out to celebrate!
We went with cute and comfortable for FNO! Here are my cousins accessories and the HUGE tote bag she won at the Joan Shepp Raffle!

So, to have a successful FNO you MUST do your homework and plan your stops! After researching who is going to be where and who's offering what, plan on hitting up your first stops early! Although Philly wasn't too crazy, expect to wait in lines and push through crowds in bigger cities like New York. If done right, their will be plenty to entertain you at each stop so your not gonna make it to EVERY event! You mingle, sip a little, check out the new, take a few pics, maybe win something and then head to your next stop! 

Aside from Joan Shepp and Macy's, we also made a quick stop at Kenneth Cole and Juicy Couture. Nothing, and I mean Nothing was going on to even hint that it was FNO at our other two stops! Although we enjoyed ourselves, primarily at Joan Shepp, we were a little disappointed on the outcome of Philly's 1st Fashion's Night Out! As we walked down the street, we could hear people asking, "what's going on tonight?" I personally feel that a bigger buzz could of been made, and participating stores could of planned a little better and overall created more excitement throughout the night. And of course, more stores participating would help too!

So last night was the beginning of a Fashionable month! Tonight I will be attending Atlantic City Fashion Week & Saturday I will be in New York to cover Small Boutique Fashion Week! Also, look out for coverage from Philly Fashion Week taking place September 18-22.

Did you go out for Fashion's Night Out?

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