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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Art For Your Ears! Part 1

What girl doesn't love a statement Earring? For a while now, statement necklaces became mainstream! The best way to wear a big necklace is to wear it with a stud or small hoop to avoid looking OVER-ACCESSORIZED and to keep all the attention on the necklace.

Although a Big, Artsy, Statement necklaces is still a great look....many designers and even DIY Jewelry designers are giving more attention to the earring. Vintage, Pop-Art & Art Deco are just a few of the influences in these gorgeous earrings. The best way to show off your new works of art, is to wear your hair away from your face. Now that I have super short hair and my ears are ALWAYS exposed, I find myself buying more earrings then anything else. My favorite trend, Vintage earrings!


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  1. wow! amazing pieces!!!!

    maybe we can follow each other!


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