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Monday, February 6, 2012

While you wait, enjoy these!

I'm working on a new post dedicated to one of my obsessions, BOOTS! As I take the photos of my lil collection, edit them & post them for you, I figured I'd give you something else to entertain you with while you wait. One thing I can appreciate is an artistic photo, especially if the focus is fashion! So here are a few BEAUTIFUL< UNIQUE< ARTISTIC<INSPIRING photographs that I found and feel that you would enjoy too....


See you all soon in my next post, MY BOOT COLLECTION!



  1. nice blog ^^ loves it
    follow me and i follow you))

    xoxo Christy

  2. Thanks Christy, I will def check your blog out! Please check back in and leave me your feed back and comments, I really appreciate the support <3


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