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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let your lips do the talking!

Through out 2011 and still going into 2012....Bold Lips have been all the rage. Whether they are bright or dark, the key word is "BOLD". Make-up artists say that there's a shade of Red for every complexion, you just have to play around with different shades until you find one that works for you. But for those who are brave enough to go beyond red, 2012 is the year for you. With cosmetic companies creating diffent shades of orange, purple and blue's....among some of the more Bold colors, their are no boundaries with this trend. You can rock your bold lip with a shine or Matt, depending on the look your going for. Now, I agree...some of these looks look cool in a magazine or down a runway, but most of us probably won't wear anything too Wild outside of a personal photo where we let out our inner model out... but MANY women ARE stepping outside the box. From celebrities to fashionistas in the streets, BOLD BOLD BOLD is all I see!

Lip Tar
MAC Lip Colors
NYX Lipsticks
Lime Crime Lipsticks
Smash Box Lip Stain

I love looking at editorials with creative make-up, espcially if the focus are the lips! How BOLD are you? What colors would you wear, do you wear or  wouldn't you wear? Share your thoughts, comments and ideas with me down below!


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