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Friday, December 23, 2011

Vogue's Dynamic Duos

Wow! My sincere apologies go to all my loyal readers for being away wayyyyyyy too long. I've been busy with a few other side projects and I've been really active on my Facebook fan page. If you want daily fashion updates and inspirations, please check out and "LIKE" my page

So on to some fun stuff! 
I picked up a few new magazines for some inspiration, one being "VOGUE Best Dressed 2011 Issue: Special Edition". One of the spreads they feature is "Sisters with Style". Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are on the cover and of course are one of the first duo's featured in the spread. I love these girls! I grew up watching them on Full House and as adults they intrigue me as business woman and fashion moguls. So I thought I'd share who Vogue's Best Dressed Sisters were and some of there inspiring fashion choices. 


COVER: Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
Dakota & Elle Fanning
Virginie, Jenna, Prisca & Claire Courtin-Clarins  

Lily & Ruby Aldridge   

Poppy & Cara Delevingne
Bianca & Coco Brandolini
Beyonce & Solange Knowles
Charlotte Gainsbourg & Lou Doillon
Catherine & Pippa Middleton
Rooney & Kate Mara

 Hope you guy's enjoyed these pictures and found some inspiration in the many different looks! Pick up the issue if you haven't already, it's a good one! Will probably do a few other posts on the different articles.

Do you have a sister and consider yourselves a "Dynamic Duo"? If so, do you guys have similar styles or totally different? 



  1. Glad to c u bck Bell. I have a sis n were complete opposites, she more of the sporty type while I love dressing up especially on holidays. I have to give it to her she has been cracking out of her shell lately n surprises me with her outfits.

  2. Thnx, glad to be back in action! And I agree, you guys are complete opposites, but still a "dynamic duo" :)


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