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Monday, December 26, 2011

A new Fashion statement: Your Nails

This year has been the year of "Creative Nails". It use to be that you only saw fun designs or creative nail polish trends on acrylic nails. But we all know that gets expensive and in the long run, it's not healthy for your natural nails. I never use to be a big "nail" person. Reason being, my nails would chip within hours of painting them and they took too long to dry, so I didn't bother. The chipping part, I got handled. The secret, a GOOD base and top coat. I've been using China Glaze Base & Top Coat. They last about a week, which is long enough being that by then I'm ready for a new color. I always thought it was just an extra step and would buy cheap top coats, but now I know it's just as important as the color you choose.

From "crackle", to magnetic nail polish, metallic shades, animal prints,to two-tone nails.....women are getting more creative and letting there nails make a fashion statement. 

Here are some fun designs.......


From subtle to extreme...what do your nails say about you?




  1. Well I myself use "two in one sally" from walgreens as a base n top cost its like $12 bucks which also last a week. I my self use to love getting my nails done every 2 weeks but after haven a baby n have little time for myself I find it easier to just put the bby to sleep n work on my nails .... I love the mulity color one

  2. So true. I guess your routine and whether you do your own nails or get them done in a salon depends on your life schedule, how much your willing to spend a year on manicures and whether you have the time or patience to do them yourself! Thanks for the feedback......


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