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Friday, December 30, 2011

Guy's are stepping up & stepping out!

So, I'm going on to a year with my blog...and this is the first post I do that's strictly focused on Man's Fashion. Although most of my readers/followers are females, I have a handful of guy friends who ask me to post more tips, suggestions, and basic info on man's clothing. It seems that now a days, guys are just as inerested in looking and feeling good as women. Well, to a certain extent. But we all know you guys care about how you look and what you wear too! SO THIS FOR YOU!

Just a few trends that were seen through out the year and are still showing for fall/winter. All the trend research I did and photos came from


The Bomber Jacket

A Boss Wears Tweed
Inspiration from the Outdoors, even if your just hanging out in the city

 70's Inspired

 Camel Coats for Fall/Winter

A few Tips for Fall/Winter
GQ says, "Boots look even cooler if your trouser is skinny and cuffed."
All about Knits! Like your mom once said, "Put on your hats, gloves & Scarves"
In colder weather, try wearing ties in heavier fabrics
I hope you GUYS found this post informative and inspirational. Please share your comments, feedback & suggestions down below or on my Facebook page.



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