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Friday, June 24, 2011

Premier Designs!

A few weeks ago I had the privilege to attend a Premier Designs Jewelry Party hosted by an old friend of mine, Ashley Marie. I got to bring some girlfriends along and we had a great time figuring out what our true style is, catching up and of course shopping for new pieces! It was fun...and the best part was, of course, narrowing down our choices. She had so many styles for us to see in person, play with and try on. I wanted to share with you guys the two awesome pieces my cousin and I purchased. They are great! Very versatile, great quality, and best of fits our individual personality!

My choice: "Main Event" necklace
(pearls, chains & beads)

My cousins choice: Beautiful Long Beaded necklace
(wear it simple, double it up, or even layer with other pieces)

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Your Premier Designs customer, Belkis <3

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  1. Aww love this! These pictures are nice!! Anyone interested can also email me at :)


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