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Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a Full House!

I remember when I was younger, always looking forward to watching my daily shows after school. One of them being "Full House." As the Olsen twins became teenagers, I felt like I was growing up alongside them. I remember I wanted to get any and everything that had their name on it. They established an empire at such a young age. This had its negative and positive life under a microscope can't possibly be fun.

Now the infamous twins are part of the in crowd in the fashion industry. In 2007, they launched "The Row." The Row is a luxury brand that started with a simple mission to design the perfect T-Shirt.


The sisters have since created a new line for The Row named after two of their siblings, "Elizabeth and James."
The Row is one of the latest label's to receive a fashion design nomination from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Good Luck to all the designers nominated for a CFDA awards.............


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  1. i've been a huge fan of them too! their personal style can be so kooky but at least they are not afraid to take risks. their line is very clean and simple but fashion forward.


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