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Monday, January 14, 2013

20 Looks: Golden Globes

Hi my lovely fashionistas!....I'm back with hot Red Carpet looks from last nights Golden Globe Awards 2013!

Long, Sheer, Slits & Prints....I've got some of the most popular looks of the night! I was pleasantly surprised with many of the looks, in being that there was a wide range of styles. When there is one obviously common trend or color, everyone starts to look the same. Last night the ladies kept things interesting for the most part. One common theme that I did notice on a few dresses was the mermaid hem and lace, yet they were all distinctly different.

The looks are not in any particular order  nor is it a "Best vs Worst Dressed" list, just a collage of what was shown in case you missed it!


Did I miss any amazing looks that should be posted? Let me know in a comment below along with YOUR favorite looks of the night!

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