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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

McQueen returns to Savile Row

McQueen made such an impact in the fashion world and his team and creative director, Sarah Burton, continue to work hard to make sure the House of McQueen continues to grow and rattle the fashion industry once in a while.

The first Alexander McQueen Men's Flagship Store is now open in London's Savile Row. This is an important landmark for McQueen, being that this is were he was once an apprentice when he was 16...the beginning of a beautiful fashion fantasy. The store is decorated with everything that represents McQueen; Skulls, Horns & Chains just to name a few things through out the stores decor. This dream store came to life with the help of his team and interior designer David Collins

McQueen's Creative Director, Sarah Burton, says, "This new menswear store is like a homecoming for Alexander McQueen, since Lee himself was an apprentice on Savile Row, and tailoring has always been the backbone of the label."

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Gentlemen & Fashionistas, will you be paying a trip to the new store next time your in London? I know I will personally be paying the store a visit when I take my first trip to the UK!

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P.S. My condolences go to everyone who has suffered major damages due to Hurricane Sandy. All of the East Coast, including myself, were on pins & needles yesterday awaiting her arrival. All the victims are in my prayers as we all recover.


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  2. Ahh! I'm super jealous. Wish I was able to visit the store, but I'm way over in the US. If you visit, be sure to take photos! I'd love to see them:)


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