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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Balenciaga This, Balenciaga That.

Are You a Sci-Fi Geek? At this point I think most of the fashion Industry and Fashion Lovers are! We expect Balenciaga to always bring us something new and unconventional in his runway shows. So he didn't disappoint in his Fall 2012 Collection. What dominated the show? Over sized leather pull-over sci-fi printed sweaters of course, DUH! Some are fascinated, some call them ugly...and I personally fall somewhere in between! 

Fun, Quirky, New on the scene....I'd say YES! but will it be the most flattering thing you throw on in the morning, NOT EXACTLY! With a very structured and bubble-like shape, not everyone will feel they can pull off the infamous pull over. But does fashion have to be so serious? I enjoy new silhouettes, new ways to wear a basic pull-over and everything in between. I respect the people that leave their house feeling totally confident in what they are wearing, while the rest of the world's called SELF EXPRESSION! I think Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director at Balenciaga, would agree.

Would I rock this? TOTALLY! It's definitely a conversation starter and the graphics are pretty cool coming from a person who knows nothing about sci-fi. I prefer the long sleeve versions that arn't as puffy. Can I afford this? That's a different question. These sweaters will run you a couple thousand dollars, if you can find one. For a while, these were rumored to be sold everyone paraded around in them recently during Fashion Week. Luckily for the rest of us, there are a few really good DIY replicas flooting around the internet. Like this one here -------> <------- but feel free to send me an original Balenciaga! 



*I do not own these photos, resourced from various fashion sources. 

How do you feel about these "Out Of this World" Sweaters?

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