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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mani's on a new level!

NAILS NAILS NAILS! This past year and a half more then ever, I feel like nail trends have been taking over. Cosmetic companies and salons are cooking up new, artsy, creative ways to make a statement with your nails. From 3d designs to Ombre Techniques, it seems that their are no limits to what statement your Mani will make. Just another way to express yourself and your style. Take a look at some of the trends seen from the runway to the streets, and tell me what your Mani is looking like.

Ombre Technique
Colored French Mani
Matte Top-Coats
Glitter Explosion
Multi Colored Nails
3D Design
Geometric Designs
Pointy Nails
Half Moon Technique
Gel Mani's (Last up to 2 weeks)
Tye Dye
Crackle Nail Polish
Magnetic Nail Polish

 Whats your favorite/least favorite trend and what are you currently trying out and rocking on your nails?



  1. The ombre nails adn the variations of french ones are my favs.. yeah the most classic ones! hahah but that´s how i roll!


  2. Awesome blog post! My favourites are the matte top-coats, half man techniques and the magnetic nail polish. Thanks for keeping us up to date xx


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