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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I can see right through you: Clear Fashion Trend!

At one point, clear shoes were only seen in fairy-tales or associated with dancers. Oh how things have changed! Designers are looking to materials like Lucite, among others, to create a buzz in fashion. Although it has been done before, I personally don't think its ever looked so good as it does now.

Quality has improved and designers are being more creative with the actual designs. Many accessories (Jewelry, Shoes, Handbags) were seen for Spring/Summer but its doesn't end there! Many designers carried over the trend for Fall/Winter as well. Take a look and tell me if you'll be "Clearly" seen this season!


Alexis Bittar
Christian Louboutin
Tory Burch
Yves Saint Laurent
Chado Ralph Rucci & Manolo Blahnik Collaboration
Christopher Kane
Michael Kors
Prism Paris Sunglasses



  1. Hi! New follower loving your blog! What a stunning selection. I will keep coming back for more xx

  2. Thank You Samantha, Im glad you enjoyed browsing....I will definitely pay you a visit!


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