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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Say Yes - To Colored Denim!

I know I know, some of you are thinking, "I wore colored denim back in the 90's!" We all know trends always seem to make their way back around, some for the good & some not so much. But the cool thing is, that their are always NEW ways to wear it. The way I wore red jeans in elementary school, ain't the same way I wear red jeans today. And no, you don't have to jump on every trend that comes your way, but this one is "Oh so Fun!" Their were many fun colored denim Shorts and Capri's this past summer, and now even funner colors in full-length jeans for fall/winter. 

Will you be Rocking some Color and leaving your Blue Denim Behind this season?

and how I wear my RED denim......................................................


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  1. Hey! I have a pair of electric blue denim I love! And I've been considering buying a pair of red ones for the Holidays, and beyond... The Purple color is beautiful though, I would definitely wear that color. :)


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