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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am the biggest bargain shopper you will ever meet! It's not that I'm cheap, cause if I "have to have it" I will pay what ever for it, but I HATE to pay full price for stuff. Well, i wouldn't say hate, but I love a good deal a lot more! And Yes, some staples in your wardrobe are worth investing in because you can have them for years to come. Working in retail, I try to stay away from the stores on my brake, but once in a while I will venture out. Sometimes I make it back to work empty handed but sometimes I don't. Like today, and usually I find a deal I couldn't pass by. Don't you hate when you see a sale and everything you want isn't available in your size? Urrrrrggggg! Well, today wasnt one of those days...check out the deals I found in J.Crew!

Thread Wrapped Leather Bracelet: $3.49 (Reg $19.99)
Bug-Star-Stud Pins: $3.49 (Reg$20)

Stretch "Blush Pink" Skinny Pant: $6.99 (Reg $85)

Soooo, I gots new pants, pins and a bracelet for less than $16! Everything was on its second mark down and then an additional 30% off. Now when do you go to J.Crew and walk out with multiple items for less then $20?? TODAY! If your a J.crew fan, like me, check out there sale before its over!

Your Bargain Shopper, Belkis <3

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