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Friday, May 27, 2011

Pon De Floor vs Run The World ?/?

So Beyonce comes out with her single, "Run The World" and everybody wants to pin point where the beat is from? It's "Pon De Floor by Major Lazer. For those who don't know, Major lazer consists of DJ Switch & Diplo and they both collaborated on Run the World. Beyonce is an amazing performer and she killed the performance on the Billboard Awards. But.....Run the world doesn't compare to Pon De Floor....although I'm sure that wasn't her intention being that they are two different songs. She probably just loved the beat and that's what artists do, they collaborate. So tell me what you think. Pon de Floor or Run The World? Cast your vote before the poll closes. I love the original but I don't hate Beyonce's version either. Look at the wardrobe and choreography in her video, she makes it hard not to like it.  

Vote and Enjoy the music!

Love, Belkis

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