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Thursday, May 26, 2011

One of the best museum exhibits I have seen so far! So Sunday, Darnel and I went to see the Roberto Capucci Exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. We wanted to see it when it first opened, never got around to it, and then saw that it won't be there for long and finally went to see it. Wow! I was in awe the entire time. They have soooo many dresses to see, videos and even some of his fashion sketches in the exhibit. Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures so I did my best to bring you what I could and I looked up some of the dresses featured at the exhibit to show you what to expect. This is definitely a MUST SEE, and its only up until June don't miss out!


The main entrance to the museum. Love it!
The entrance to the exhibit. The only pic I could take inside.
(The bags from the gift shop were inspired by this dress! Look for it towards the end.)

His designs were so detailed and time consuming, that after he made a name for himself, he started making what he calls "sculptures", not made to wear fashion. He didn't replicate his designs. They were made as art work just to enjoy looking at. Amazing!

Found these on the museums website. Some Cool behind the scene photos. Shows the floor plan, the un-packing of the garments, and all the planning and work it takes to put up an exhibit.

(Check out the bag and then look at the first dress I show in the beginning. How Cool is that?)

Just reading my Roberto Capucci book, lol. Only $30 at the gift shop.

And lastly, I found this video "Project Capucci Student Design Competition."

He's so Inspiring! Enjoy the video.

So this is only a glimpse of what you are going to miss out on if you don't check this exhibition out. Super inspiring for anyone in or looking into a career in fashion. Or if you just love great art, then this is for you too.

Love, Belkis

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