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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taraji P. Henson

So, the other night I'm watching one of my favorite late night shows, Chelsea Lately, and her guest for the night was Taraji P. Henson. On the show, they showed her recent ad with Peta for their campaign "I'd rather go naked, than wear Fur." For those who don't know about Peta, they are the largest animal rights organization in the world. They focus on protecting animals from Factory Farms, Clothing Trade, Laboratories and Entertainment among other issues. I remember while I was in school, they came and gave a presentation and showed us brutal videos of how animals are skinned, killed, and tortured for fashion. Now, I was never a Fur lover but, after that I absolutely knew that I would never own any real fur. Peta and the Fashion Industry have been on an ongoing battle because many designers use animal skins in their designs. Personally, I think Peta takes extreme measures to get their point across...which is why many people turn their heads away from them. They definitely make sure their being heard, especially with these ads. I enjoy looking at the ads from this campaign, because I think they do a good job shooting them, even if I don't always agree on the way they go about stopping the issues themselves. They have other campaigns that I can't stand to look at because they are so brutally explicit.

So, Taraji is their latest celebrity to join their campaign. She is 40 years old and looks amazing....and the ad is all over the internet. Many Celebs have done the ad before her and I have to give Peta credit for definitely grabbing our attention with this campaign. This isn't about me being for or against Peta, its more or less artistically enjoying the ads for this campaign, and sharing them with you if you haven't already seen them.



  1. well i enjoy these ads bc some of the men look but i dont much about them just that they are against fur. i guess i will have to take a look at the types of things that theey do. I enjoy reading your blogs keep um comming.

  2. Thnx Yess...I will try to keep you intrigued!

  3. OMG i dont know why i looked this up but in China they were skinning LIVE animals!!!! LIVE ANIMANALS!!!! omg ive never looked nor wanted to know how they did this but lord!!!! This is amazing. I cant believe it. im scared for life. Now i c y in NY they throw red paint on pple with fur.


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