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Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Scary Beautiful" or Not!

So earlier this week, these new "heels" were all over the Internet. I even had a few people message me, "Hey, have you seen these crazy shoes everyone is posting?" The answer was YES, I have...but for some reason, they didn't get the reaction from me that everyone else was given them. Primarily, because I knew these weren't going to be realistic to walk in and I wouldn't be seeing them on display for sale anytime soon. As an artist, and especially with fashion, I know that sometimes things are created as a statement, to create drama and attract attention & sometimes just to create a fascinating Runway Show. And that's exactly what the "Scary Beautiful" heels were created for.

Artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer Rene van den Berg collaborated on this shoe design. There goal was to create a statement more then a walkable shoe. Even though I wouldn't be surprised to see these used for editorial purposes or even worn by Lady Gaga in the near future.

These are said to possibly be the most dangerous pairs of shoes ever made. Designer, Rene van den Berg, says that the shoes were part of his graduation project. And that's exactly how I see them, a school or personal project, nothing else.

The shoe is called "Scary Beautiful". They are made of leather and the heel is located in the front. This means the foot of the person wearing it stands straight up, causes the knees to bend, and the shin rest on the front of the heel for balance. According to the designers, the shoe is suppose to be a commentary on today's impossible beauty standards. Personally, these aren't beautiful. And when I watched the video of the model walking in them, I just thought they looked ridiculous.

I'm a supporter of all types of art, whether it be practical or not, but I don't know if for me the "Scary Beautiful" shoe delivered the message the designers envisioned. Do I agree that sometimes the industries standards of beauty are unrealistic, Yes. With that, I encourage all women and men to wear what they want and what makes them feel comfortable, not something that they feel they have to wear to be "IN" for the season. Lady Gaga has supposedly been sent a pair, in the hopes of her wearing them at a big event or her next music video. (That part seems realistic to me).

 Here's the Video of the model demonstrating how to walk in them!

Although "Scary Beautiful" may seem like the most unpractical pair of heels we've seen thus far, other designers have pushed the boundaries when it comes to designing OUTRAGEOUS SHOES. Some more practical than others, but still OUTRAGEOUS....take a look!

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What are your thoughts of the "Scary Beautiful" heels? Where do fun designs cross the line of impracticality?

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