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Monday, October 8, 2012

Philadelphia Fashion Week: Part 1

My last stop for Fashion Week was right in my backyard, Philadelphia. This was my first time attending Philly Fashion Week, so I was excited to see & experience it all. Can't say I left fully satisfied compared to other fashion shows I've attended, but overall I enjoyed myself and do look forward to checking out up-coming seasons. Personally, I feel that the quality of the show could be picked up a notch overall and with time, Philadelphia could be a force to be reckoned with in the Fashion Industry. I know that a lot of work goes into putting together any type of show, no matter how big or small the production may be. So I applaud the people behind it all, especially the founders Kevin Parker and Kerry Scott, for all the work they do and for bringing this to a city like Philly. A city where many people seem to turn their heads when "Philly" & "Fashion" are used in the same sentence. I personally do think that with time, Philly will be considered a "Fashion Destination". I think there is a lot of talent and creativity here just waiting to be unveiled. 

Photos and Designers posted here are in order of how they were shown on the runway. Part 1 is based off of the Ready-to-Wear Show. Part 2 will be up tomorrow with photos from the Couture Show. I have posted additional photos from the show on Facebook. So make sure to check out our page for more photos and coverage! 

Let the Show Begin!
(Click on the Designers name to be directly linked to their site)

9/21 Ready-to-Wear

Dramatik Fanatik
Pretty Pretty Rebel
Mah-Jing Wong
Tyren Patrick
Trisha Will
Faithful by Michael Thomas
Custom Suits by Clarenz Couture
Outfit of the Night: Nordstrom bp Peplum top, Volcom Pants & Trouve Booties!

I hope you guys enjoyed this coverage! Don't forget to come back tomorrow for "Part 2: Couture" for more info, designers, pictures pictures and more pictures!

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  1. Looks AMAZING so far! Your pictures are turning out really great!

    We'd love for you to stop by to see our recap of Phoenix Fashion Week!

    It's about time fashion is spreading all over the USA!

    XoXo Couture in the Suburbs

  2. Thank You! Your post and photos look great as well! And I totally agree...Fashion should be a worldwide thing...we're getting there!

  3. Great pictures and post, I agree I think Philly Fashion Week will definitely grow to be something bigger

  4. Great presentation of fashion world, these days many people search for stuff like this and fashion bloggers are our only hope who work hard to bring the best from these events.

  5. Thank you Ladies! @Anna Smith, thank you so much. It takes a lot of free time to blog just for our own fulfillment, so it feels good to get great feedback and to see that their are readers out there that appreciate our work. Thank you!


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