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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exclusive Interview: Meet Mah-Jing Wong

The great thing about Fashon is that it's always evolving, there's always something new to admire and get inspired by & best of all......there are ALWAYS new comers entering the scene looking to stir things up! 

Meet Fashion Designer Mah-Jing Wong. We have your ticket to this exclusive Interview with this young talented edgy designer. Make room Marc Jacobs.....there's a new designer showing on the runway! 

Designer: Mah-Jing Wong
Clothing Line: Mah-Jing Wong

EI: Where are you from/Currently reside? 
MJ: Philadelphia

EI: Where did your love of Fashion come form? When did you know, Fashion is what you wanted to do? 
MJ: My love for fashion started when I was a child at the age of 10. I began drawing my cartoon characters and creating the costume for them. After that I just kinda fell into the industry.

EI: What inspires you/your work? 
MJ: The Japanese street culture and the edgy spirit of New York.

EI: What is your specialty? What does your line deliver to women?
MJ: My line consist of pop color and a lot of hand treated fabrics that I blend together to create eye catching looks.

EI: Thus far, what is your proudest moment in your career?
MJ: I feel that my proudest moment has been the reaction from the public. They show me so much love and support.

EI: Do you have a team behind the brand, or are you a one man show? 
MJ: I’m a one man show when it comes to my brand. I handle everything from production to marketing.

EI: Have any celebs rocked your line? If so, who?
MJ: I have been blessed to have my clothing worn by a few people in the music industry. Kalenna from Diddy's Ditty Money, D.Woods formally of Dainty Kane, Video Model/Rapper Lola Monroe, Asian Pop Star Bayui, America's Next Top Model Cyle 9 and All Stars Bianca Golden and also Basketball Wives of LA Malaysia Pargo, just to name a few.

EI: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 
MJ: I see myself having not just a clothing line, but a brand that expands pass the fashion industry.

EI: If you weren’t doing fashion, what would you be doing?
MJ: If I was not creating fashion, I would be an actor and a host.

EI: Whats your favorite off-time thing to do when your not working? 
MJ: I love to listen to music and allow my mind to rest.

EI: What up coming projects can we look forward to? Up coming shows you will be showing at? 
MJ: Well, I will be showing at this years Philly Fashion Week 9/21/2012. I also have a few projects that I’m working on, but I can’t say just yet.

EI: How would you describe YOUR personal style? 
MJ: My personal style is very comfort urban vintage. I like to wear a clean skinny jean with a plaid button up and an over-sized cardigan with a pair of skippies.

EI: Would you ever consider doing mens wear? 
MJ: Of course, in the near future.

EI: Who is your Fashion icon? (Designer, stylist, model etc) 
MJ: I love Marc Jacobs. He is one of my favorite Designers outside of McQueen, Dsquared2 and Rodarte.

Kalenna (Diddy Dirty Money)
D.Woods (Danity Kane)
Pop Star Bayui
Pop Star Bayui
Lola Monroe


Like what you see? How could you not! Visit Mah-Jing on his site to place your order and don't forget to follow him on Facebook so you don't miss out on any of his future collections! Don't forget, you can join me this Friday at Philly Fashion Week to see his new collection and that of many other still have time to get your ticket here --------> 

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  1. Love the body-con dresses, especially one with the mesh cut out down to the belly button.

    Such a talented designer! We really enjoyed your interview :)

    XoXo Couture in the Suburbs


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