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Monday, March 5, 2012

Kennia's Style is a Hit!

Hello My Lovely Fashionistas! We all look for fashion inspirations from magazines, runway shows, celebrities, window displays at a retail store.....but what about the people who walk up and down the streets everyday? Street Style is a persons unique way of dressing, no matter where or who they get inspired by, and putting their OWN twist into the mix. To me, that is the most inspiring place to find inspiration. You don't know what you will find and you can see a person's true personality shine through.

Meet Kennia. The "soon to be" 16 year old first caught my attention on Facebook. Her style was all her own; cute, young, fun & outgoing.

Kennia is from Rhode Island. She says her favorite thing in her closet are her accessories because she can mix and match them with her clothes and make it all her own. I totally agree! You can transform a white tee and a pair of jeans with accessories that match your personality!
And what she loves most about herself, well that would be her personality. " I can make anyone laugh, doesn't matter how sad or mad they are", says Kennia.

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