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Monday, September 26, 2011

Vera Wang Designs 3 dresses for Kim!

So, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a love/hate relationship with the Kardashian's. I hate that now a days everyone gets a reality show and becomes "Famous" for doing absolutely Nothing! Kim's wedding was described as "ROYALTY." C'mon, really! But on the flip side, I do watch the show and contribute to the ratings...that's love/hate lol. But any way, they hyped up these 3 Vera Wang dresses she wore, and I know that even if you hate the Kardashian's, if you love Fashion like I do, you were at least interested to see what these custom designed dresses looked like...Weeks after the actual event, pics are finally out and I'm honestly not impressed. Nothing about them pops and they seem very average for such an over the top event. But of course if you haven't seen them already, I figured I'd share. Also found the actual sketches of the gowns by designer Vera Wang!


Vera Wang Sketch
Dress #1
Vera Wang Sketch

Dress #2
Vera Wang Sketch
Dress #3
All the girls, including Mom, wore all white gowns. Personally feel like we're looking at 5 different brides, didn't like this idea.
Designer Vera Wang & Kim talking wedding plans!
And that's all folks!.....I've been waiting to see what these dresses looked like since they got married, and was let down. Tell me what you think of the designs! Cast your vote towards the top left hand side & feel free to express your love/hate feelings towards this entire topic in a comment below!

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  1. I totally get the love/hate relationship you have with the Kardashians! I feel the same way. Honestly, I agree that the dresses were pretty basic for how much they hyped them up. Also the last two dresses look like dresses she's worn before...just cut the bottom part and it's another tight Kardashian dress. Also agree with her sisters wearing white. What were they thinking!? They totally took that idea from Pippa Middleton who wore white at Kate Middleton's wedding to Prince William, but all the wedding commentators explained that in England it's pretty common to see that. I me Kim didn't look that great. The severe bun and make up, the veil, and the dresses didn't impress me.

  2. Well hello! I can totally relate to your love hate relationship with the kardashians! I didn't follow the wedding but I also didn't follow the royal wedding...oh well! Never the less the 3 dresses look beautiful although 3 dresses seem a little over the top, but so do they. I guess..... If the shoe fit's! right?

    anyways, I wanted to thank you for your comment!
    I think an all blue look would be awesome! are you up for the challenge? ;)



  3. I think Everyone seems to feel the way u do with the Love/Hate Relationship...LoL...And as far as the dresses I would have to see the front of Dress 1.Im not really feeling dress 2 because in Dress 3's pic,the Bridesmaids where wearing similar dresses,and a Bride should always look different and shine more then her bridesmaid on her day...And Dress 3 looks nice too but i would have to see the whole dress.

  4. Chica.deOro: I think we are 100% on the same page...I'm not saying she didn't look beautiful, but yes, for all the hype they did & I feel like I've seen these dresses. I was expecting jaw-dropping gowns.

    Ela: Yes, if the shoe fits is right...& I'm totally up for it....when I put it together, I'll share! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

  5. Kim is so stunning! Love her! I am so waiting to see Kim's wedding tomorrow!! :)

    P.s. U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!


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