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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Orange you over Summer?

So if you follow fashion, you know that new trends doesn't only mean what silhouettes are in for the season or what era we are getting inspiration from. It also means what colors we'll be wearing. As we get ready for the cooler weather and wait for the leaves to fall and change colors, let me tell you what is the one color you might be seeing a lot of when you go shopping for Fall, ORANGE! Most popular in pure true vibrant orange and rust. Other colors that seem to be in trend for Fall 2011 are Burgundy, Dark Teal & Forest Green. I decided to focus on the Orange trend, being that we haven't seen orange as a trendy color for the colder season in a while. Something new and refreshing. It's bold and fun but could be a tricky color to play with. So be careful to not over do it!

Is this a color you'll be rocking this up coming season?

Peace.Love.& Fashion, Belkis

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