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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


What! Finally me and you can afford Missoni? Well at least their target collection. Target, for several years now, has been partnering up with Designers to create exclusive designer lines for limited time. This gives the average fashionista ,like you and I, the opportunity to own designer pieces with out the designer price tag. Their next collaboration is with the Italian luxury brand MISSONI. Honestly, this came as a surprise to me when I saw the ads in the September issue of Vogue. The line is set to hit stores and online September 13-October 22 or until supplies last (which I doubt will be long).

Missoni is a primarily knit line known for its fun and quirky colorful patterns & prints. The target line represents true Missoni. To keep cost down, I'm sure quality of fabric & special details in design & in manufacturing had to be compromised, but the line looks almost identical to pieces you can find in their designer line. If you've never gotten your hands on a designer target piece, Missoni's 400 piece collection is one not to miss out on.The line not only includes clothes for women, men & kids...but beautiful accessories, shoes, home decor, kitchenware, luggage, stationary and more! I'm super excited and already have my eye on a few pieces!

Missoni Founders: Ottavio & Rosita Missoni 

On my wish list: Can see this in my future apartment

This is Target's biggest collaboration thus far with prices ranging from $2.99-$599.99, although most will retail for less then $40. I'm excited to see some of these pieces in person & I already have my eye on a few pieces. One being the coffee/tea cup set with matching plates and rack for maybe a future apartment. 

So what do you think about this collaboration? Will you be shopping for Missoni at Target? Let me know in a comment below.....Till next time

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  1. I will definitely be shopping at Target for pieces from this line... I have an extra challenge though, there are no targets in PR- but I will probably send my Aunt the money and have her send me some stuff... :)

  2. Right! me too..definitely not a line to miss out on! And too bad you don't have a Target in Puerto Rico, def get in touch with someone to send you a package!lol Wonder if they'll ship to you if you order online?
    P.S. Thnx for subscribing!


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