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Friday, August 19, 2011

Lingerie for Children?/? REALLY?

So last night I had E-News on while I did some work on the computer. Catching up on my pop-culture and fashion, when all of a sudden I hear "Lingerie for Kids." I immediately focused my attention on the t.v. to see what the heck was this all about! I watched and thought this topic definitely deserved some research and a post on my blog!

So apparently, Jours Apres Lunes, A kids lounge-wear/underwear company based in France and founded by Sophie Morin, has launched a new lingerie line targeted to girls 4-12 years old. Yea, somebody took it there. Sophie Morin has been a lingerie designer for many years and says that she was inspired to make trendy underwear for toddlers and tweens by trends from adult lingerie. The line is called "Loungerie." The line consist of bras, panties and lounge-wear.

This new line has caused a lot of controversy, not only because we are promoting little girls to wear sexy underwear and grow up way too fast, but because of the photos used to advertise the line. Should girls of this age even know what lingerie is, let alone be targeted to dress and act like women? Is this sexualizing young girls? Below are some photos used to promote the line. The young models are made up from head to toe from make-up to hair. And shown replicating poses seen by adult models.

So what do you guys think about designing lingerie for kids? Is this too much or is it appropriate? Do you think that our culture teaching kids how important physical appearance is has something to do with so many kids/young adults having self-esteem issues? Is there too much pressure to be perfect, sexy, and simply grow up too fast? ~ When being perfect is actually being you; a unique individual and enjoying life appropriately at every stage.... Share your thoughts with me in a comment down below. Until next time

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  1. Pedophiles will love it!

  2. Wow when i saw this post i was so up set. They might look cute playing dress up but thats exactly what it shows our kids that physical appearance is the #1 thing 2 worry about. What makes it worse is that their parents let them take these pictures, so it shows you what mide set their parents have. SMH

  3. Wow! This is really appalling. It's ironic because I was just reading this and thinking I hope my daughter doesn't grow up seeing images like this and thinking this is how she has to look, but that's exactly what we do isn't it? The difference is when these children are made to look 'alluring' and 'attractive' who exactly is going to be allured and attracted to them? People with unhealthy and immoral motives I expect.


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