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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Celeberity Fashion Disasters!

Celebrities are some of the first to rock fashion trends. We see it in magazines, videos, award shows, red carpets and even when their "off the clock" in their street style. If people like it, it becomes main stream and every one is rocking it! BUT...sometimes you wonder, "What were they thinking?" "Who told her that looked good?" "Your stylist should be FIRED!" I found an archive of photos (some old, some recent) of "Oh No" celebrity fashions. Hey, there only human....... I guess....

Classic Lil' Black Dress ruined by the BLUE tights & Gloves!
Is this one of those 3in1 dresses?
Star Spangled Mess! The skirt could be fun for the Teen choice awards if the top was solid black.
Statue of liberty meets prom queen? (Love the booties though)
So only one arm is cold Kim? Fur armor is NEVER necessary, especially @ a Basketball game.
Did Madonna go all the way to Bedrock to raid Wilma Flintstones Closet?
Which one of her characters was Nicki portraying here?
 1. It's ugly & 2. Color washes her out completely. All I see is red hair.
Bff's stick together through the good, the bad & the WORST times
J Lo picked the snake over Marc that night. Over Board!

At 24, they still play dress-up and actually leave the house

What do you expect? It's Kesha Baby!


Love always, Belkis <3


  1. I was watching Fashion Police friday night and saw Fergie's outfit and I actually thought it was cute! :) Oh and Bai Ling's outfit is not THAT bad when you see some of the other numbers she's worn.

  2. Yea some of these outfits are worse then others, you actually pointed out the two that arnt that bad, but I know can be a lot better. And you are so right about Bai Ling, this was some what ok compared to other outfits shes worn. She is so pretty and dresses so trashy and crazy sometimes...she needs a great stylist!

  3. LOl ur stupid with Kim @ the basketball But i think its crazy how these people pay these stylist ma money and come out looking a HOT mess... i hope that once they c them selves on Fashion Police they fire them .

  4. I understand it's all about taking risks and having fun, but damn! sometimes you wonder if they fired the mirror and hired a stylist instead lol smh


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