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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh So LUSHessss!

My New Favorite store....LUSH! It's a company that sells Fresh handmade cosmetics....soaps, scrubs, lotions, hair products, lip products, bath bombs, face masks etc. Items to treat yourself, relax, and pamper your skin. EVERYTHING LOOKS SO DAMN COOL! All different textures, colors and smells. You can see the ingredients in the products, they shape them into cool shapes and the colors are amazing. It's one of those stores that you just wanna touch EVERYTHING! The next best thing would be if half of the products were edible, lol, being that they look so yummy. I went twice in one week and this is what I picked up........

My First Purchace
Top to Bottom: "Sex in the Shower" Emotibomb
"Godiva" Shampoo Bar
The Emotibomb is like a bathbomb but for showers...this one is made of ginger, rose and jasmine.
The shampoo bar is made of jasmine and nut oils (suppose to give you 60-80 uses)

And they give you the "Lush Times" to read all about their products. I found something else I wanted to try so that brought me in a second

Top to Bottom: "Brazened Honey" face mask
"Ocean Salt" exfoliating scrub
and a sample of there "jungle" solid hair conditioner
Face Mask made of Almonds, lime, ginger and honey.
Scrub is made of sea salt, vodka infused limes, and avocado butter

Lush invents ALL their own products and are made of fresh organic fruits and vegetables from all around the world....and they hand make everything, no machines or robots! They only use ingredients and work with companies that DON'T TEST ON ANIMALS! They also try to be as eco-friendly as possible in every way. most of there products in the store are un-packaged and displayed naked and they try to use recycled paper and packaging when needed. Oh, and they try to reinvent liquid products into solids to avoid having to create bottles and packages and create less waist for the earth. For example, shampoo and conditioner bars not bottles....I'm Obsessed!

Check out one of their stores or online to see what I'm talking about....and tell me what you think!
(pssss...New store in the Cherry Hill Mall!)


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