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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love at First Sight!

Many people say they don't like window shopping, but because I have worked in a mall for the last 6 years....I enjoy spending some of my brake time just walking around and admiring creative window displays. That is my version of window shopping :) A great window display will tell a story, captivate the consumer and get them in the store, hopefully to spend money. Visual merchandisers work hard to dress the mannequins, show you ways to wear the latest trends that you may not think of, and give the store a certain persona or theme. At my job, I know many customers that NEED to see or be told how to put outfits together, because they don't have the eye to create a "LOOK"....and that's where the experts come in.

I found pictures of some cool window themes, cool fashion and mannequins with a lot of personality! Enjoy!

So next time you go shopping, take some time to appreciate the displays that visual artist take so much time to create.....Get Inspired!

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