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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shatter This, Shatter That!

I Have Fallen in Love!
Love Love Love Katy Perry's new nail polish Spring 2011 collection with OPI. The collection consist of 5 nail polishes all named after songs from her Teenage Dream Album.

~Teenage Dream (Pink)
~Not Like The Movies (Silver)
~Last Friday Night (Blue)
~The One That Got Away (Deep Berry)
And the ONE I REALY LOVE is "Black Shatter"

Black Shatter is the Top Coat. You paint your nails whatever color you want, let them dry and then apply one coat of "Black Shatter" for a cracked/leopard pattern. Top off with a clear top coat for shine.

How cool is that! It dries very fast so you have to work quickly with it, but there is no way to mess it up. Each nail dries up differently and has its own unique print.
Yea, the polish dries up cracked and shattered, Im still in Awe!!! Its so fun and Funky....something new.

So I Got it, I used it, and now I'm sharing it with you.....Enjoy!

See you guys soon......xoxo

P.S. Heart pyramid ring is from Aldo!


  1. That is so cool looking! I love it! Katy Perry is the perfect person to endorse nail polish bc she's so bright and bubbly.

  2. Ugh, ain't it cool! I keep staring at my nails like, "How did they do this??" lol. I love should try it! And don't forget to hit "Follow" on the left hand side and subscribe :)


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