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Monday, February 21, 2011

Couture Fashion Week

Good Bye Fashion Week.....See you in September!
Fashion Week is officially over in New York. This year it was from February 10-17. Designers showcase twice a year and they show collections two seasons early. In February, we're shown whats to come for Fall/Winter and in September we get a sneak peak of Spring/Summer collections. This gives buyers time to shop the new trends so that when seasons change, new collections are already shipped out to stores and ready for us to buy. Fashion week was branded Mercedes-Benz Fashion week, after one of Fashion Week's biggest sponsor in 2009.

So around the same time that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is taking place, other organizations will host fashion shows for up and coming designers to get the opportunity to show case their work and get good press. These shows are usually open to Fashion lovers, like myself, who didn't get invited to Mercedes-Benz Fashion I was fortunate enough to receive two tickets to a couture show for the holidays and I was accompanied by my cousin, who is aspiring to have a future career in fashion herself. We had a blast and were very inspired by the shows we saw.

Let the Show Begin!

The Designers.

The Designer

The Designer accompanied by two models

So we were able to see four different couture designers. We loved the show. This is our third fashion show together and we both agree that every time we go to one, we just want to see more and more. So stay tuned for more shows, more pics and more fabulosity!

So those who know me well, no that I'm such a city girl. I love the rush, the excitement and the inspiration you run into everyday. So of course I couldn't resist, and I did my own photo shoot. So here are some cool pics of the amazing city and our outfits.

Our "couture"

One of many Barbie Ads in the City.....How Cute!

Plaques of infamous designers down Fashion Avenue.

Wall decals for the Mens floor in Forever21

The fashion show took place at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Gorgeous!

Now! Your Future Faces of Fashion......Watch Out!

 What She's wearing: H&M blazer, H&M pants, Charlotte Russe top, Candies ankle boots, Maria'sFashion4u watch and Guess ring.

What I'm Wearing: H&M Button up, H&M suspenders, Trouve skinny cropped trousers, Sam Edelman Pumps, Public Opinion Bow Tie,  Forever21 ring and Rado watch.

Hope you Fashionistas enjoyed these pics. Thanks for visiting.....  ;)

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  1. must say ABOUT TIME!!!!! lol but very nice pictures n liked im sure that u guys had a blast. The place looked amazing n like always u always make us feel like we didnt miss a thing. cant wait 2 c the pple in the street try these trends. if summer ever gets here. lol lub ya


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